MD-902 Explorer

The NOTAR system-equipped MD 902 is the most advanced high performance light twin-engine helicopter on the market. Spacious, comfortable and quiet, multi-purpose MD 902s are operating in a variety of missions, including AMS, law enforcement, and corporate transport. Plus, the MD 902 is a twin-engine helicopter with single-pilot IFR Category A certification from both FAA and JAA.


The eight-place MD Explorer® cabin is the largest in the light twin class and is accessed through two 52 inch (1.32m) sliding cabin doors and a large baggage compartment. Energy absorbing, stroking cabin seats meet stringent FAR Part 27.562 requirements up to 30g at 30 feet per second. The large cabin makes the MD Explorer® ideally suited for rapid role change from an Offshore/Onshore eight-place passenger transport to Emergency Medical Services or Law Enforcement missions. Large selections of optional equipment have been fully qualified to meet various operational requirements. A heavy-duty cargo hook permits 3,000-pound (1360-KG) external load operations.



The MD 600N is an eight-place, light, single-engine turbine helicopters that provides high performance and increased capacity to give the customer greater versatility. The aircraft has a lower operating cost and more capacity than its competitors.It flies faster, hovers higher, and provides the agility and exceptional handling for which the MD 500 series is known. The MD 600N is one the most advanced, safest, and quietest helicopters in the world.


The aircraft is equipped with a NOTAR tail boom. NOTAR is the name of an anti-torque systems which replaces the use of a tail rotor. The system uses a fan inside the tail-boom to build a high volume of low-pressure air, which exits through two slots and creates a boundary layer flow of air along the tail-boom utilizing the Coanda effect.The boundary layer changes the direction of airflow around the tail boom, creating thrust opposite the motion imparted to the fuselage by the torque effect of the main rotor. Directional yaw control is gained through vented, rotating drum at the end of the tail- boom. The NOTAR offers a quieter and safer operation with the advantage of no tail rotor obstacle.


MD-500 Series

The MD 500 series helicopter began life in response to a US Army requirement for a light observation helicopter.The MD 500 (formerly Hughes 369) won the contest against competition from Bell and Hiller. Brim operates one MD 500E helicopter. The 500D became the primary model in 1976, with a more powerful engine than its predecessor.In 1982, the 500D was replaced by the 500E model. The 500E was built with a pointed nose and more head and leg room.


Brims 500 helicopter is turbine powered by a powerful C20-B engine that has an enhanced turbine for added altitude performance. The MD 500 is known for its speed and agility. It is the ideal aircraft for utility work because of the small rotor diameter, allowing the aircraft to land and fly virtually anywhere.


Agusta AW109SP

The 109SP GrandNew is the premium, latest-generation light twin helicopter, evolved from the globally successful Grand platform, enhanced with the latest global navigation satellite system for all weather operations.


Pilots benefit from a full glass cockpit, which minimizes crew workload, enhances situational awareness and provides excellent visibility.


The aircraft features a spacious, rapidly reconfigurable, modular cabin for multi-role versatility, cocoon-type, high strength airframe and crash-resistant systems for passenger comfort and safety.


GrandNew features Category A Class 1 performance with no payload reduction up to ISA+20 (35°C @ SL) in Cat. A VTOL for safe O.E.I flight.